Strickland Campaign Statement on Gov. Kasich’s Continued Refusal to Support Trump

Senator Portman still continuing to back Trump’s campaign and said he was “all in” for Trump

In response to Republican Governor John Kasich’s statement in a new CNN interview that he is still refusing to support Trump for president, Strickland for Senate campaign spokeswoman Liz Margolis issued the following statement on Senator Portman’s continued support for Trump:

“Each day seems to bring a new example of how other Ohio Republicans like Gov. Kasich are refusing to support Trump, while Senator Portman is continuing to back the most toxic and divisive presidential nominee in modern history. Governor Kasich’s comments are another reminder that Senator Portman lacks the moral courage to take a serious stand against a presidential nominee that has attacked a Gold Star family, disparaged women and offended Americans of every political persuasion. Here’s the truth: if Portman can’t stand up to Trump, he won’t stand up for Ohio in the Senate.”

Ted Strickland first called on Senator Portman to retract his endorsement of Trump in June.


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