Strickland Campaign Responds To Portman’s Statement On Trump & Khan Family

In response to Senator Portman’s tepid and meaningless statement on Trump and the Khan family and his continued endorsement of Trump’s presidential campaign, Strickland for Senate Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement:

“As long as Senator Portman is continuing to support Donald Trump for President his words are feeble, empty and meaningless. Ohioans must be wondering which Portman to believe: the one who said just a week ago he was ‘all in’ for Trump, or the cowardly, calculated politician who -- after 48 hours of silence -- is trying to desperately distance himself from his own endorsement of the most toxic and divisive presidential nominee in modern history. If there is a shred of sincerity behind Portman’s statement, he would show the same kind of courage that Republican Gov. Kasich has and retract his endorsement of Trump today.”

Ted Strickland first called on Senator Portman to retract his endorsement of Trump in June.


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