Strickland Campaign Releases New Web Ad On Portman and China: “In His Own Words”

In response to Senator Rob Portman’s false claims about his record on China, today the Strickland for Senate campaign is releasing a new digital ad: “In His Own Words.”

The centerpiece of the spot is video footage of Sen. Portman championing normal trade relations with China and praising trade relations with China from the floor of the House. The ad also details how our economy has been rocked following Senator Portman’s support for unfair, job killing trade deals and policies that have shipped Ohio jobs overseas to places like China.

“Unfortunately for Senator Rob Portman, his fawning adoration for China and his decades long, unabashed support for job killing trade deals is well preserved on video tape,” said Strickland campaign spokesman David Bergstein. “Portman’s claims about his record on trade are further symptoms of the delusional, Washington fantasy land that he lives in. Whether Portman was voting to grant China Most Favored Nation Status or opposing anti-currency manipulation legislation, the truth is that Portman is the best Senator China’s ever had.”


Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.58.59 AM.png

Portman has been labelled a “dedicated outsourcer,” for his unabashed support for unfair trade policies; voted for 8 unfair trade agreements opposed by Ted Strickland;  called anti-currency manipulation “counter-productive;” and opposed cracking down on unfair Chinese steel imports. Learn more at


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