Strickland Campaign Releases New TV Ad: “Coward”

COLUMBUS, OH -- Today, the Ted Strickland for Senate Campaign is releasing a new television advertisement: “Coward.”

The spot highlights how Senator Portman continued to endorse Donald Trump for President, even after learning about Trump’s derogatory comments bragging about sexual assault -- a failure of leadership of historic magnitude. Portman then panicked in a transparent attempt to try and save his own political ambitions.  

From David Bergstein, Strickland for Senate spokesman: “The fact that Senator Portman continued to back Trump after he bragged about sexual assault and then tried to save his own political skin in the dead of night has cemented Portman’s status as the most spineless, self-serving politician in America. If the events of this weekend have demonstrated one thing it is this: Senator Portman is nothing more than a political lemming who does nothing but run fastest towards whatever position he thinks will help himself -- and that’s exactly why Portman cannot be trusted to stand up for Ohio’s hard-working families in the Senate.”

The ad will air in the Cleveland and Columbus media markets and through digital channels.




Announcer: There are moments in our history that measured the character and courage of our leaders. Where did you stand on Joe McCarthy? George Wallace? This is one of those moments. 

Announcer: Rob Portman endorsed Donald Trump – even with his history of degrading women.

Announcer: Portman stood by Trump, even after seeing Trump brag about sexual assault. Then Portman panicked, and scrambled to save himself.

Announcer: History will judge Rob Portman a coward. What will we do?


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