Strickland Campaign Releases New TV Ad: '$50 Million'

COLUMBUS, OH -- Today, the Ted Strickland for Senate campaign is releasing a new television advertisement: “$50 million. 

The spot demonstrates how Senator Portman has been propped up by millions of dollars from his rich and powerful friends and has spent his career in Washington pushing their agenda at the expense of Ohio’s working people: championing job killing trade deals; opposing the auto rescue; voting against fair wages and overtime pay;  and trying to raise the retirement age for seniors. 

Strickland has released a new Medium post –– “Ohio is Not for Sale” –– highlighting Senator Portman’s record of looking out for his wealthy and well-connected campaign backers at the expense of Ohio’s working families, and over the past several weeks Strickland has held “Ohio Is Not for Sale” Tour stops across the state, including an address to the Columbus Metro Club on Wednesday. The Ohio Democratic Party has also released a research memo detailing Portman’s record of looking out for his special interest campaign contributors, while Ohio’s middle class pays the price. 

The spot will air in the Cleveland and Columbus media markets starting today.

“$50 Million”



Announcer: Here’s how politics works today. The Wall Street banks and the Koch Brothers spend over $50 million to buy a Senate seat in Ohio. Rob Portman is their guy.

Announcer: He’s a free trader, from NAFTA to rolling over for China. Says we need to raise the retirement age. Said no to the auto rescue. No to a higher minimum wage. No to overtime pay.

Announcer: His answer: tax cuts for the rich. He’s bought and he’s paid for, and he’s their Senator. Which means he can’t be ours.


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