Strickland Campaign Releases New Digital Ad: “Shameless”

Spot uses video footage of Portman praising China and unfair trade deals to respond to Portman’s new, false ad “Shameful.”

COLUMBUS, OH -- In response to Senator Portman’s new, false ad on trade titled “Shameful,” today the Strickland for Senate Campaign is releasing a new digital ad on Portman’s record of supporting job killing trade deals --  “Shameless.”

The spot uses video footage of Senator Portman praising China and urging the passage of unfair trade deals to highlight Portman’s unabashed, decades long record of supporting unfair trade policies that have outsourced hundreds of thousands of Ohio jobs to places like China. The ad will reach targeted voters in Ohio and is a continuation of the Strickland campaign’s ongoing six-figure paid media campaign, which will feature a mix of search, social display and digital pre-roll advertising.  

“The only time Senator Portman has stood up to China is when he got out of his chair to cut trade deals with them,” said David Bergstein of the Strickland campaign. “For Portman, there is no escaping the video evidence: he has a decades long, unabashed record of supporting unfair, job killing trade policies that have outsourced hundreds of thousands of Ohio jobs to places like China. Unlike Portman, Ted stood up to China, voted against 8 unfair trade  deals-- and in the Senate he’ll continue cracking down on unfair trade policies in order to protect American jobs.”

(By the way read this story in Portman’s hometown paper to learn why we were able to get this ad and fact check out so quickly. We’ll leave it to others to ask if Portman or his Team were conducting political business in the Capitol.)



See the facts about Portman’s false ad for yourself:

  • Columbus Dispatch: Strickland and Portman have “polar opposite” records on trade. “The voting records of Strickland and Portman are polar opposites. As a member of the U.S. House from 1993 through 2005, Portman voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico and for Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China.When he was U.S. trade representative under President George W. Bush in 2005, Portman helped guide the Central American Free Trade Agreement through Congress. By contrast, as a member of the House, Strickland opposed NAFTA, permanent trade relations with China and the Central American pact.” [Columbus Dispatch, 5/20/16]

  • CATO Institute: “Portman has a pro-trade record that is ripe for criticism,” “Strickland, has a nearly opposite record on trade.” “Rob Portman, has a pro-trade record that is ripe for criticism in today's political environment. Portman has a strong record in support of free trade during his time as the U.S. trade representative, and in both the U.S. House and Senate...Portman's challenger, Democratic former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, has a nearly opposite record on trade. During his more than 10 years in the House, he voted against all the trade agreements Portman supported.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 5/27/16]

  • U.S. Business And Industry Council Official Called Portman A “Dedicated Outsourcer.” [CQ Today, 3/17/05]

  • Columbus Dispatch: Portman “Has Never Met A Free Trade Agreement He Didn’t Like.” [Columbus Dispatch,7/11/10]

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial: Portman Is A “Free Trade Disciple.” [Plain Dealer, Editorial, 3/18/05]

  • Cincinnati Enquirer: Portman Has “Been A Consistent Champion Of Free Trade” Despite The Fact That Ohio “Has Seen Thousands Of Jobs Move Overseas.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/18/05]

  • AP: Portman “Has Been A Strong Advocate Of Free Trade Even Though He Comes From A State That Has Been Hit Hard By Job Losses.” [Associated Press,3/17/05]

False Claim: Portman is “fighting back against China”
FACT: Portman is the best senator China’s ever had.

  • World Trade Review: Portman Said Legislation To Crack Down on Chinese Currency Manipulation Was “Counter-Productive.” [World Trade Review,1/15/05]

  • PolitiFact: Under Portman, Trade Deficit With China Increased By 21 Percent. [PolitiFact,9/9/10]

  • Associated Press: Portman “Didn't Fare Particularly Well In Stemming China's Trade Advantage” As The U.S. Trade Representative. “He didn't fare particularly well in stemming China's trade advantage, either. Under Portman's watch, the U.S. trade deficit with China soared by 25 percent in 2005, and the next year it climbed more than 15 percent.” [Associated Press, 8/30/12]

False Claim: Strickland supported unfair trade deals with China.
FACT: Strickland consistently opposed unfair trade policies, while Portman consistently supported them. That’s why newspapers said their records were “polar opposite.”

  • Portman Voted To Grant China Permanent Most Favored Nation Trade Status. [CQ,5/24/00; H.R. 4444, Vote 228,5/24/00]

  • Columbus Dispatch Fact Check: Strickland’s Two Votes Present An “Incomplete Picture.” “The suggestion here is that Strickland is being hypocritical because he has frequently criticized Kasich for his votes for the North American Free Trade Agreement (Strickland opposed it) and for "special trade status for China." [...] But as with most arguments based on a handful of thousands of votes cast, it's easy to present an incomplete picture.” [Columbus Dispatch,8/28/10]

  • 1993: President Clinton Signed An Unprecedented Executive Order That Linked Chinese MFN Status To Improvements In China’s Human Rights And Tough Enforcement Of Fair Trade Practices. [Congressional Research Service, 6/10/98]
  • Chinese Officials: Strickland’s Position Would “Seriously Impair” Relations Between The Two Countries. [Associated Press, 5/29/93]
  • 1994: Strickland Voted Twice Against Most Favored Nation Status In Same Vote Series. [CQ,8/9/94; H.R. 4590, H.Amdt. 830, Vote 383,8/9/94; CQ,8/9/94; H.R. 4590, H.Amdt. 829, Vote 382,8/9/94]

False claim: Strickland is responsible for a global recession that cost jobs.
FACT: Politifact called this claim “false.” Newspapers, fact checkers and economists agree: Strickland put Ohio on the road to economic recovery.


  • PolitiFact: “The Claim That Strickland Destroyed Ohio Jobs Amounts to Political Hyperbole.” [PolitiFact, 10/19/10]

  • Strickland Won Site Selection Magazine Governor’s Cup 3 Years In A Row For best State to Locate A Business In. [Site Selection Magazine, Press Release, 3/3/08; Site Selection Magazine, Press Release, 3/9/09; Site Selection Magazine, Press Release, 3/3/10]

  • Ohio Economist George Zeller: Ohio’s Recovery Began Under Ted Strickland. [PolitiFact 1/24/13]

  • Cincinnati Enquirer: “The State’s Recovery Began Under Strickland.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/20/15]

  • Akron Beacon Journal: Strickland “Steered the state through the harsh recession, making hard choices yet protecting leading priorities.” [Akron Beacon Journal Editorial, 1/9/13]

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: By The Time Strickland Left Office Ohio Had The 5th Fastest Growing Economy In The Country. “Strange as it may sound, the economic recovery in Ohio has been stronger than in most states...Ohio had the fifth fastest growing economy of any state during the past 12 months, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, which tracks economic conditions in each state.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 11/7/10]

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