Strickland Campaign Releases First TV Ad: “Fire”

Spot marks the start of a multi-million dollar television advertising campaign sharing Ted’s message of fighting for working families

COLUMBUS, OH -- Today the Ted Strickland for Senate campaign is releasing its first television ad -- “Fire” -- and launching the start of a multi-million dollar television advertising campaign across Ohio.   

The spot highlights Ted’s biography, his personal understanding of the struggles facing working families, and how he will fight for Ohio’s working people in the Senate -- including Strickland’s proposals detailed over the course of the campaign to cut taxes for the middle class, crack down on unfair trade deals, rebuild America’s infrastructure and protect Medicare and Social Security.  

The 60 second spot will begin airing in markets across Ohio on Wednesday, launching Strickland’s paid advertising campaign that will continue through Election Day. The campaign has previously announced an additional $8 million television reservation that will begin after Labor Day.




Announcer: Growing up his family lost a house in a flood, and a second to a fire. Ted Strickland learned early in life what one bad break, what one missed paycheck can do to a family.

Announcer: The first in his family to go to college, his dad worked in a steel mill, his brothers finished concrete. That’s why he’s fought against every bad trade deal, from NAFTA to most favored nation status for China.

Announcer: Now Ted Strickland is running for the U.S. Senate, calling for a moratorium on all new trade deals until we can prove they’ll create American jobs.

Announcer: For an infrastructure bank to repair roads, bridges and water systems.

Announcer: To protect Medicare and Social Security. And for a $1,000 tax cut for middle class families.

Strickland: I came from a working class family. I will always fight to make sure that working people have a fair shot.

Announcer: Ted Strickland: Ohio, heart and soul.


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