Strickland Campaign Launches New Video Series: Rob Portman: The Least Known Man In Ohio

New poll shows Portman may be the ultimate Washington insider, but still unknown in Ohio

COLUMBUS, OH -- On the heels of a new Quinnipiac poll showing Senator Portman remains “unknown to a sizable number of Ohio voters,” today the Strickland for Senate campaign is launching a new web-video series: Rob Portman: The Least Known Man In Ohio.”

The spots are a play on the popular Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man In the World” commercials and highlight Senator Portman’s chronic lack of name of familiarity with Ohio voters -- the result of Portman spending decades in Washington looking out for the wealthy and well-connected special interests he serves at Ohio’s expense. 

“Senator Portman is the ultimate Washington insider who has spent decades pushing the agenda of his rich and powerful friends -- but Ohioans don’t even know his name,” said Strickland for Senate campaign spokesman David Bergstein. “Portman may be beloved amongst Washington lobbyists, wealthy special interests and the well-connected, but he’s totally disconnected from the concerns and values of hard working Ohioans.” 

Over the coming weeks, the Strickland campaign will continue rolling out new episodes in the series.

Rob Portman: The Least Known Man In Ohio 


Last month, the Columbus Dispatch highlighted Portman’s low name identification, writing that “Rob Portman remains relatively unknown in Ohio,” a trend continued in today’s Quinnipiac poll which shows one-in-three voters do not know enough about Portman to have an opinion of him. Earlier this year, the Ohio Democratic Party also released a man-on-the-street style video, “Who is Rob Portman?,” highlighting Portman’s low name identification.


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