Strickland Campaign Launches New, Appalachian Regional Website:

COLUMBUS, OH – Today the Ted Strickland for Senate campaign is launching a new website highlighting the contrast between Ted and Senator Portman when it comes to Ohio’s Appalachian region:

The site will be a hub for Ohioans to learn and share the facts about Ted’s deep connection to Appalachia and his record of delivering results for the people of this region, in contrast to Senator Portman -- the ultimate Washington insider who is pushing the agenda of the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of Ohio’s working families.  

“There is no one better to fight for the people Chillicothe and all of Southern Ohio in the Senate than Ted Strickland,” said Chillicothe Mayor Luke Feeney.  “He’s from here, he’s stood up for us at every turn, and he will be a tireless voice fighting to expand economic opportunity for Ohioans who actually work for a living. The choice in this election is so clear: while Senator Portman is playing the same old tired politics of Washington and acting like a typical D.C. insider, Ted is a true champion for the middle class and he’ll wake up everyday working to make life better for our community.“

“This site lays out the clear contrast when it comes to the issues that matter to Appalachia: Ted has delivered for the region and he’s fighting for the working people he grew up with –– Senator Portman has no idea what life is like in Appalachia, and he’s pushing the agenda of the wealthy and well-connected at every turn,” said Strickland for Senate Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein. “Whether Portman is voting to restrict access to black lung healthcare, opposing resources to expand rural broadband internet, or backing unfair trade policies that have outsourced hundreds of thousands of good paying Ohio jobs to places like China, Portman always puts the interests of the D.C. power brokers and the wealthy special interests he serves first, while the working people of Appalachia pay the price.” 

The site includes 6 areas:

The Portman Record Of Hurting Appalachian Coal Workers. Portman has voted to slash funding for mine safety, jeopardize black lung healthcare, and has taken campaign donations from anti-miner coal barons like Don Blankenship.

What Appalachia Says About Ted. Voters can learn what Appalachian leaders say about Ted’s record of accomplishments for the working families of Southern Ohio.

The Portman Record Of Hurting Appalachia And Southeast Ohio Workers. Portman voted against vital resources for Appalachia, like programs to expand rural broadband internet. And he’s hurting the working people of the region by voting to take away overtime protection and supporting raising the retirement age for Social Security.

Ted’s Work For Appalachia. Voters can learn about Ted’s achievements for the Appalachian region, including his work on the Appalachian Regional Commission, his support for black lung benefits for coal miners, and his record of securing resources for Appalachian infrastructure projects.

Rob Portman: The Best Senator China’s Ever Had. Portman has a decades-long, unabashed record of voting for damaging trade deals that have outsourced Appalachian area jobs to places like China and hurt Ohio’s working families.  

Praise For Ted’s Work For Appalachia. Newspapers and even Republicans agree: Ted has delivered for the working people of Appalachia.



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