Strickland Campaign Delivers Budget Bill To Portman's Office

COLUMBUS, OH — In response to a new report revealing that Senator Rob Portman failed to read the recent Budget Bill before voting against it, today the Strickland For Senate campaign is delivering a hard-copy of the bill to Portman’s campaign office in Columbus. This is the second recent example of Portman admitting that he is failing to read critical legislation: in August, Portman admitted that he didn’t read the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal which could jeopardize Ohio jobs before voting in favor of fast-track authority to push the bill through Congress.
From the report:
"Portman dismissed Strickland’s criticisms, saying that he fought hard to include the drug funding in the spending bill but voted against it because he opposes funding the government with one large, omnibus bill rather than with separate appropriations measures. 'It’s a 2,000-page bill and nobody’s read it,' Portman told RCP."

Senator Portman has faced mounting criticism for touting provisions in the Budget Bill despite voting against it: Stephen Koff of the NE Ohio Media Group wrote that Portman’s hypocrisy on this issue is a clear example of “how Washington ticks off the rest of America.”
From David Bergstein of the Ted Strickland for Senate Campaign: “Senator Portman’s ‘I don’t read the bills’ excuse is exactly what hardworking Ohioans hate about the dysfunctional politics of Washington. It was bad enough when Portman was practicing his trademark D.C. double-speak by hypocritically touting this bill in Ohio and then voting against it in Congress — but now Portman is brazenly admitting that he’s not even doing his taxpayer-funded job. Hopefully having a hard copy of this legislation will remind Senator Portman that he should at least read the bill before he votes against the interests of hardworking Ohioans."

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