Strickland Calls On Portman To Retract Trump Endorsement

COLUMBUS, OH -- Today, Ted Strickland issued the following statement calling on Senator Portman to formally retract his endorsement of Trump: 

“Donald Trump’s offenses against our American values are almost too numerous to list: he has disparaged women, mocked individuals with disabilities, tried to establish a religious test for those entering our country, called for racial profiling, insinuated that the President colluded with terrorists, opposed higher wages for working people and insulted our veterans -- and each day seems to bring a fresh example of why he is not qualified to lead our nation. But the greatest offense may be the continued silence of our leaders, like Senator Portman, who are continuing to stand alongside him. Portman’s continued support for Trump is a flagrant example of how he prioritizes his own political interests instead of doing what is right for Ohio, and it represents exactly the kind of calculated politics that Ohioans hate about Washington insiders. To Senator Portman, I would say this: how much more of Trump’s division and hate are you willing to accept before you display the kind of leadership Ohioans expect and deserve? Portman should listen to those like Governor Kasich and other prominent Ohio Republicans who are refusing to support Trump’s campaign and retract his endorsement immediately.” 

Earlier this week, Strickland highlighted Governor Kasich’s “moral integrity” in refusing to support Trump’s campaign.


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