Strickland Calls on Portman to Answer Whether He Would Trust Trump With The Nuclear Codes

Strickland: Portman won’t even stand on the same stage as Trump, but trusts him with our nation’s safety and security

COLUMBUS, OH -- Following a new report that multiple Republican U.S. Senators won’t say whether they trust Donald Trump to handle the nuclear codes, Ted Strickland issued the following statement.

“Do you trust your endorsed presidential candidate to handle the nuclear codes? That’s a straightforward question that any elected official or candidate should be able to answer with confidence. As the highest ranking elected Republican in Ohio to endorse Donald Trump, Senator Portman should immediately clarify whether he trusts Trump with this responsibility. If Senator Portman won’t answer the question -- or if his answer is ‘no’ -- that’s all the more reason for him to retract his endorsement of the most toxic and divisive presidential nominee in modern history. I have repeatedly commended Governor Kasich and other Republicans for refusing to support Trump -- but Senator Portman has not shown the same moral integrity or courage. Senator Portman is relying on some very twisted logic: he won’t even stand on the same stage as Trump, but he thinks Trump should lead our country and control our nation’s security.”

Ohio veterans and Purple Heart recipients recently joined Ted Strickland at events across Ohio to call out Senator Portman for his continued support for Donald Trump following Trump’s attacks on the Gold Star Khan family, his offensive comments about Purple Heart recipients and his disparaging remarks regarding Prisoners of War.

Ted Strickland first called on Senator Portman to retract his endorsement of Trump in June.

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