Strickland, Burga Speak Out Against Republican Attacks on Fair Overtime Pay

Strickland joins Ohio AFL-CIO President to denounce attack on fair overtime pay rule

COLUMBUS, OH –– Today, Ted Strickland joined Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga outside North Market in Columbus to speak out against Republican attacks on fair overtime pay –– including Ohio’s newly announced lawsuit challenging a Department of Labor rule to protect and expand fair overtime pay for millions of workers, and Senator Portman’s vote to strip overtime pay away from 6 million American workers.

Following the event, Strickland and Burga got ice cream at Jeni’s in North Market in recognition of Vice President Biden’s initial announcement of the overtime rule at the headquarters of Jeni’s Ice Creams in Columbus in May. 

During his campaign, Strickland announced his Ohio Families First Plan calling for strong overtime pay protections, and over the summer Strickland launched a “You Work It, You Earn It” statewide tour highlighting his support for fair overtime pay.

“I believe in a basic idea – when a person works overtime, they should get overtime pay,” said Ted Strickland. “It’s outrageous that Ohio has just joined this lawsuit to deprive workers of the wages they have rightly earned, and unfortunately Senator Portman is refusing to back these new protections and has even voted to strip 6 million workers of overtime pay. This is just another example of how Republicans –– from Senator Portman to Attorney General DeWine –– are pushing the agenda of the rich and the powerful at the expense of Ohioans who actually work for a living. In the Senate, I will be proud to fight to make sure that hardworking Ohioans get the fair wages they have earned and deserve. It really all comes down to this: politicians like Senator Portman and Donald Trump think wages are too high, but the truth is wages are too damn low.”

“Ted Strickland has been on the side of working people and working families ever since he has been in public office, and Ted’s on the right side of history and the right side of workers by supporting this overtime rule,” said Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga. “Protecting overtime pay will help workers, put more money in the pockets of middle-class families, and help grow and stimulate our entire economy. I’m disappointed but not surprised that Senator Portman is refusing to back this rule to protect overtime pay because he’s been on the wrong side of this issue ever since he tried to take overtime pay away from working people during the Bush Administration. It’s just another demonstration that Senator Portman is not looking out for the interests of Ohio’s working families.”




• Portman voted to kill a provision prohibiting the implementation of new overtime rules. [CQ, 5/12/04; H.R. 2660, Vote 159, 5/12/04]

• Portman voted to kill a provision blocking funds from being used to implement new rules that would deny overtime pay to an employee who would otherwise qualify for it. [CQ, 5/18/04; H.R. 2660, Vote 181, 5/18/04]

• Portman voted against blocking funds from being used to implement any regulation that would take away eligibility for overtime for any worker. [CQ, 9/9/04, H.R. 5006, Vote 434, 9/9/04]

• Bush overtime rules took effect, stripping overtime protections from 6 million Americans. [Economic Policy Institute, 7/14/04; New York Times, 8/23/04]


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