Strickland Announces New Digital Hub for Students

Strickland: “I want to be sure that students can get an education just as I was able to”

COLUMBUS, OH -- On the heels of the launch of “Students for Ted,” a new coalition made up of over 250 students and student leaders from across Ohio who will work to mobilize voters across the state and share Ted’s message of fighting for students, the Strickland campaign is announcing the launch of a new digital hub for students,

The hub features the voices of student leaders expressing why they’re supporting Ted and highlights the Strickland campaign’s new digital ad: “Students”  -- which features Ohio students speaking about the contrast between Ted and Senator Portman on the issue of college affordability. The hub also includes interactive features that allow students to add their name to show their support for Ted and support the campaign’s message through social media.

Here’s what Ohio student leaders are saying:

From Jake Vasilj, The Ohio State University College Democrats President: “I will be happily voting for Ted in November because I know that every day, unlike his opponent, he will get up and go to work tirelessly advocating for students and working Ohioans in the U.S. Senate. The most genuinely Ohio man I have ever met, Ted will keep our values in mind when he goes and fights for student debt reform, protections for LGBTQ Ohioans, and to give a voice to those who have been left out from fully achieving the American Dream.”

From Samantha Miller, Ohio University College Democrats President: “Ted Strickland remembers where he came from and consistently fights against the issues in Appalachia Ohio. Too often politicians are quick to disregard the region and the unique situations we face. Ted has always given us a voice and I know if elected he would continue pushing the area towards its true potential.”

From Kenton DeBouter, Kenyon College Democrats President: “I support Ted Strickland because I know that Ohio deserves to be represented by somebody who genuinely cares about helping as many people as possible -- whether they are students who want to refinance their loans, people without proper medical care, or anybody who stands to be harmed by the damaging effects of climate change.”

And here’s what student outlets are saying about Ted’s fight to make sure students can afford a quality education and Senator Portman’s record of looking out for the rich and the powerful:

Ohio State University Lantern: College Dems rally around Strickland during Ohio State visit.

  • “Before former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland even stepped up to the podium, he was greeted by the applause of some 170 Ohio State students and other event attendees. A student yelled from the back row, ‘We love you Ted!’ and the crowd chuckled as Strickland blew a mock kiss in their direction.”

  • “Strickland spent a large portion of his time talking about his plans to support debt-free college. ‘I want to be sure that students can get an education just as I was able to,’ Strickland said.”

  • “During the 45-minute speech, Strickland touched on a variety of subjects ranging from women’s health to debt-free college. His words were frequently disrupted by smatterings of applause from the crowd. ‘I thought he did a pretty good job of covering all the different topics, he really related his campaign goals to college students,’ said Madison Burris second-year in health sciences. ‘I will be voting for him after hearing him speak.’”

The New Political: Ohio College Democrats band together to criticize Portman’s record on education.

  • “Presidents of College Democrats from across the state of Ohio put aside their school rivalries and acted in unison Wednesday to condemn Sen. Rob Portman’s (R-Ohio) record on education with a joint statement. ‘College Democrats are committed to informing students about Rob Portman’s record of making it harder and more expensive to get a college degree,’ said in a statement from the Ohio College Democrats. ‘Whether he was voting for the largest Pell Grant cut in history, proposing the end to the Perkins Loan program or repeatedly voting against allowing students to refinance their loans, Senator Portman is looking out for the wealthy special interests he serves — and Ohio students are paying the price.’”


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