Statement from Ohio Steelworkers on Portman’s New Ad on Trade

In response to Senator Portman’s disingenuous new ad lying about his unabashed, decades-long record of supporting job-killing trade deals, David Caldwell of the United Steelworkers issued the following statement:

“If Senator Portman’s decades-long record of championing job-killing trade deals hadn’t caused so much damage and suffering to Ohio’s working families, then his ad would be laughable. The truth is that this ad is tragic and desperate attempt by a D.C. insider to hold onto power by lying about his record. It takes more than a phony shot of walking around in a hard hat to be on the side of working families, which is why we’re backing Ted Strickland – the only candidate in this race who has and will consistently oppose unfair, damaging trade deals that have wrecked our economy. Portman thinks working Ohioans are stupid, but we aren’t: we’ve seen Portman – in his own words – praising China and arguing passionately on behalf of damaging trade policies that have devastated our economy. If Portman has any shred of sincerity, he’ll take this false ad down and replace it with this one showing his actual record, free of spin.”

On trade, the Columbus Dispatch wrote that “the voting records of Strickland and Portman are polar opposites.” Portman has been called a “Dedicated Outsourcer;” supported eight unfair trade deals; voted to grant China Permanent Most Favored Nation Status; described himself as CAFTA’s “quarterback;” refused to crack down on unfair Chinese steel imports as United States Trade Representative; and called efforts to stop Chinese currency manipulation “counter-productive.” The Strickland campaign has also released two digital ads on Portman’s trade record: “Shameless” and “Trump Said It.” Additional information about Portman’s record is available at


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