QUICK CLIP: Ted Strickland on MSNBC’s AM Joy

Key Points:

  • “Rob Portman, unlike Governor John Kasich, Rob Portman has embraced Donald Trump, he’s even said that he thinks that Donald Trump leading the ticket will be beneficial to him in the end. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but I know Ohio very well: we are a commonsense kind of state, we reject extremes on both the right and the left. And Ohio will reject Donald Trump, and I believe Ohio will reject Rob Portman as a result of his embrace of Donald Trump.”

  • “Rob Portman does not fit Ohio very well. He’s a Washington insider.  He opposed the auto-rescue, can you imagine a senator from Ohio opposing the auto rescue? He’s wanted to privatize Social Security, to voucherize Medicare, cut student loan [programs] and pell grants. He’s voted for all these trade deals, he’s sent jobs to China when he was George Bush’s Trade Representative. And Joy, I call him the best senator that China’s ever had, and Ohio needs a Senator who will fight for Ohio jobs, not someone who will kowtow and give in to China. And that’s the difference between Rob Portman and Ted Strickland.

  • On gun safety measures following Orlando: “He [Portman] is twisting himself into a political pretzel, he is trying to have it both ways on nearly every issue, and Ohioans are starting to throw salt on that pretzel I can tell you. We are sick and tired of this kind of Washington double-speak, and I think it’s going to hurt Rob Portman.”  

Ted Strickland on MSNBC’s AM Joy



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