QUICK CLIP: Ted Strickland On MSNBC: There’s Nowhere Portman Can Hide From Trump In Cleveland

Key Points:

  •  “There's nowhere Rob Portman can go in Cleveland -- he can't hide unless he finds a rock somewhere --  to divorce himself from his relationship with Donald Trump.”
  • “It's going to be a great week for Democrats in Cleveland, Ohio this week because we're going to hold Donald Trump and Rob Portman responsible for their irresponsible positions.”
  •  “Governor John Kasich has some personal integrity, and that he will not sell his soul and he will not put his party above his country. And I think Governor Kasich is ashamed of Donald Trump as the leader of his party. I just wish Rob Portman had the same kind of intestinal fortitude and courage and guts, as a matter of fact, that John Kasich is showing, and Jeb Bush is showing and the two Bush presidents are showing.” 

Ted Strickland On PoliticsNation With Rev. Al Sharpton 


Ahead of the RNC, the Ted Strickland campaign has launched a new digital hub -- www.PortmanALLinForTrump.com -- providing Ohioans and members of the press continuous updates about the Strickland campaign and Ohio Democratic Party’s activities in Cleveland during the week of the RNC. The Strickland campaign has also launched a new digital ad -- “Portman Has Really Been Good To Me” -- which will be promoted to voters in the Cleveland area throughout the week of the Convention.   


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