QUICK CLIP: Portman Doesn’t Want To Be In The Same “Time Zone” As Trump

COLUMBUS OH -- Today Face The State on CBS-Columbus discussed Trump’s infamous shout-out to Portman at his rally in Cincinnati, how Portman is sneaking through alleys in D.C. to avoid answering questions about Trump, and how Portman and Trump have conflicting stances on trade policy. Key points:

  • Bischoff: “I don’t think the new Trump Republicans are Rob Portman supporters though. No. He has been a major advocate of trade deals that Donald Trump has heavily criticized.”

  • Light: “So Trump says that [go out and vote for Portman] and then the other day there is a picture of Rob Portman coming through a back alley through a gas station where he didn’t want to be seen from having a meeting with Donald Trump...So, he doesn't want to be seen with the man does he?”

  • Bischoff: “I don’t think he wants to be in the same time zone with him.”



The segments follows a report in The Washington Post on Thursday discussing Portman’s Trump-nightmare following the rally in Ohio:

  • “It's safe to say getting a shout-out from Trump has not been on Portman's reelection to-do list.”

  • “This isn't the first time Trump has made Portman's life complicated. Trump was also in Ohio last week, where he described the Trans Pacific Partnership as ‘a death blow to manufacturing.’ Portman […] helped craft free trade deals as the U.S. trade representative for George Bush, a part of his resume Democrats are sure to hammer him on.”

  • “He won over no new supporters -- including Portman, whom reporters saw making a back exit from the meeting, less than 24 hours after Trump proclaimed to Ohio voters how much he liked him.”

Roll Call, Cleveland.com, and The Columbus Dispatch also highlighted how Senator Portman attempted to sneak out of his meeting with Trump through an alley to try and avoid answering questions from the press:

  • Cleveland.com Headline:Rob Portman not pumped to field Donald Trump questions.” “Robexit: Ohio Sen. Rob Portman wasn't too pumped to discuss a meeting he attended with congressional Republicans and Donald Trump in Washington D.C. on Thursday, according to Roll Call.”


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