Portman Tells Editorial Board He “Needed a Little Time” to Decide If Trump’s Sexual Assault Enough to Drop Endorsement

CLEVELAND, OH -- Today, Senator Rob Portman said he “needed a little time” to decide whether or not to drop his endorsement for his party’s candidate for president Donald Trump after Trump bragged about sexual assault.  

Senator Portman told the board:  "I mean, I needed a little time to kind of think about, you know, about what I was doing, which was going against the voters of my own party." 

“Senator Portman admitted what every Ohioan knows: instead of doing what’s right and immediately dropping his support for Trump after Trump bragged about sexual assault, Portman was making self-interested political calculations,” said Ted Strickland. “It’s just another demonstration that Senator Portman is the kind of cowardly, dishonest politician who is only ever thinking about himself, and that’s why Ohioans can’t trust Portman to stand up for us.”

This week, the Strickland campaign released a new television advertisement: “Coward,” which highlights Portman’s continued support for Trump after he bragged about sexual assault. The campaign also distributed a flyer outlining 20 times Rob Portman refused to dump Trump.


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