Portman Snuck Out Of Trump Meeting Through Alley Next To Gas Station

In response to news reports that Senator Portman attended a meeting with Donald Trump today in Washington but was seen “emerging from an alley next to the gas station,” Strickland Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein issued the following the statement:

“The fact that Senator Portman tried to sneak through an alley to avoid answering questions about an appearance with his own Party’s presidential nominee tells Ohioans everything they need to know about both Portman’s political cowardice, and how terrified he is of being associated with the most toxic and divisive presidential nominee in modern history. We look forward to watching Portman attempt to sneak through alleys and gas stations for a week during the GOP convention in Cleveland, but there will be no rock he can hide under to avoid Trump during this campaign.”

On Wednesday at a rally in Ohio, Trump himself stated “Rob Portman has really been good to me and I appreciate it.”

From Roll Call: “Several others, including Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio were also seen emerging from an alley next to the gas station on the Senate side of Capitol Hill.”


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