Portman Faces Backlash Following Spineless Reversal on Donald Trump

COLUMBUS, OH -- Senator Rob Portman is having a bad week as he faces an increasing backlash from members of his own party following his self-interested reversal on Donald Trump -- in fact GOP groups, the highest ranking Republican state senator, and grassroots supporters across the state are speaking out against him.

When asked about Portman’s decision to drop support for Trump, Ohio Senate President Keith Faber, the highest ranking Republican state senator, publicly rebuked Rob Portman to the Cincinnati Enquirer: 

"If you don't vote for the Republican, you're effectively helping the Democrat," Faber, the highest-ranking state senator, told The Enquirer Tuesday.

Faber made the comments in a response to a question about Rob Portman, the state's Republican senator.

Portman said he would vote for Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, apparently via a write-in vote, which wouldn't count under Ohio law.

Faber's response to that threw more shade.

"I think writing in Mike Pence is an interesting choice," he said. "If I were writing someone in, it would probably be John Kasich," whom both Faber and Portman endorsed for president during the GOP primary. 

The Portage County Tea Party has also announced it will withhold its endorsement of Senator Rob Portman, calling him out for his “big monied” backers: 

Portman’s “[...] nonsensical statement that he ‘will be voting for Mike Pence’ is purely wishful thinking on his part. It reveals his loyalty to the Washington DC establishment and his big monied backers, who have bought this election for him, instead of to the Ohio voters who he will be elected to serve.” 

And following a trend of former Portman supporters throwing away their yard signs and posting images of the discarded signs on social media, the Ohio Democratic Party launched a “Portman Sign Recycling Program” at ODP headquarters: 340 E. Fulton Street, Columbus.   

Yesterday, the Strickland campaign released a new television advertisement: “Coward,” which highlights Portman’s continued support for Trump after he bragged about sexual assault. The campaign also distributed a flyer outlining 20 times Rob Portman refused to dump Trump.


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