Portman Caught in a Lie About His Opposition to the Auto Rescue

COLUMBUS, OH -- Senator Rob Portman has no good explanation for his well-documented opposition to the auto rescue that saved over 160,000 Ohio jobs, so he’s doing what he does best: blatantly lying about his record.

Portman’s D.C. double-speak has been a defining characteristic of his campaign (see: Cleveland.com: “Sen. Rob Portman touts anti-heroin measures, even though he voted against their funding”), and now newspapers across Ohio are calling Portman and his campaign out for their dishonesty about the auto rescue.

See for yourself:

Toledo Blade:

  • “Mr. Portman was not in office at the time, but he said the auto rescue was “a lousy deal” for Ohio.

  • “Portman spokesman Michawn Rich said,Rob has consistently said he would have supported the auto rescue” [Toledo Blade, 9/8/16]

Sandusky Register:

  • “Portman called the auto bailout a "lousy deal" at the time.”

  • “Portman spokesman Michawn Rich said Portman backed the bailout.” [Sandusky Register, 8/7/16]

Warren Tribune Chronicle:

  • “Portman said the auto rescue was a "lousy deal" for Ohio, said Robert Morales, president of UAW 1714.”

  • “Portman has said he supported a rescue deal for the auto industry.” [Warren Tribune Chronicle, 9/7/16] 

From David Bergstein, Strickland Campaign Spokesman: “Senator Portman has no excuse for putting the interests of his rich and powerful friends over Ohio’s auto industry and working families, so he’s doing what D.C. politicians do best: lying about his own record. The truth is that Portman’s self-serving dishonesty represents exactly what Ohioans hate about Washington, and his blatant refusal to tell the truth about his opposition to the auto rescue that saved 160,000 jobs is just another reminder why Ohioans cannot trust Portman to serve in the Senate.”


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