Portage County Tea Party Calls Out Portman’s ‘Big Monied Backers’ As It Withholds Endorsement

Ohio Democratic Party Today Launched “Portman Sign Recycling Program

COLUMBUS, OH -- Today, the Portage County Tea Party announced it will withhold its endorsement of Senator Rob Portman calling him out for his wealthy, D.C. establishment backers.

See tweets below describing the statement:

Today, the Ohio Democratic Party launched a “Portman Sign Recycling Program” for former Portman supporters located at ODP’s headquarters: 340 E. Fulton Street, Columbus.

Yesterday, the Strickland campaign released a new television advertisement: “Coward,” which highlights Portman’s continued support for Trump after he bragged about sexual assault. The campaign also distributed a flyer outlining 20 times Rob Portman refused to dump Trump.


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