On 1st Day Of RNC, Strickland Campaign Launches Facebook Canvas & Twitter Ads Highlighting How Portman Is “All In” For Trump

Ads remind Cleveland voters Portman can’t hide his support for Trump during RNC

COLUMBUS, OH -- On the first day of Trump’s Republican National Convention, the Ted Strickland For Senate campaign is launching a series of new Facebook “Canvas” and Twitter advertisements highlighting how Senator Portman is “All In” For Trump and will be unable to hide his support for Trump during the RNC in Cleveland.

“Unlike Republican Gov. Kasich, Senator Portman is all in for Trump -- and in Cleveland there will be no rock that Portman can hide under to escape the fact that he’s backing the most toxic and divisive presidential nominee in modern history,”  said Strickland Campaign spokesman David Bergstein. “Portman and Trump share the same agenda: pushing the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of Ohio’s working families. All week we’ll be reminding voters about one simple fact: If Portman can’t stand up to Trump like Gov. Kasich has, he won’t stand up for Ohio in the Senate.” 

The ads feature the Strickland’s campaign’s digital video “Portman Has Really Been Good To Me,” which highlights Trump’s gushing praise for Portman and Portman’s endorsement of Trump -- in contrast to Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich who has refused to support Trump’s campaign. The ads will also direct voters to the Strickland Campaign’s RNC digital hub, www.PortmanALLinForTrump.com, which is providing Ohioans and members of the press continuous updates about the Strickland Campaign and Ohio Democratic Party’s on-the-ground activities in Cleveland during the Convention. 

The Facebook canvas ads are a new format in 2016 which displays an immersive experience within Facebook that includes text, photos and videos. A video of the Facebook “Canvas” that voters will see is available here.

Photos of the Facebook Canvas ad:

Canvas In-Feed Screenshot.png

Photos of the Twitter ad:

Twitter All In Ad.PNG


Twitter All In Video Ad.PNG

The ads will reach voters in Cleveland and across the state, and are part of the Strickland campaign’s campaign’s ongoing six-figure paid media campaign, which will feature a mix of search, social display and digital pre-roll advertising.  


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