Ohio Appalachian Leaders Issue Statements On UMWA

Trimble Mayor: Ted’s from here and he’s fought for us; Portman has no idea what life is like in our community 

In response to the United Mine Workers of America’s endorsement in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race, Trimble Mayor Doug Davis, Athens County Commissioner Charlie Adkins and former Meigs County Commissioner Mick Davenport today issued the following statements:

Statement From Trimble Mayor Doug Davis:

“I believe the UMWA’s decision is deeply misguided. It reflects the concerns of groups and interests outside of Appalachia that are ultimately not in our best interest. When it comes to what’s best for Southeast Ohio there is no comparison: Ted is from here, he’s spent his life fighting for our working families and he’ll stand up for us in the U.S. Senate. Senator Portman has no idea what life is like in our community, and in Congress he’s pushing the agenda of the D.C power brokers and wealthy special interests he serves while working people are paying the price.”

Statement from Athens County Commissioner Charlie Adkins:

“I know Ted Strickland and I've seen first-hand how hard he's fought for people in our part of Ohio, especially Mineworkers.  They've had an uphill battle  -- and Ted has been with them all the way.  We all know there's a lot of game playing in Washington.  But in Southeast Ohio, we know who's been on our side.”

Statement from Former Meigs County Commissioner Mick Davenport:

“Ted Strickland has been a friend to Meigs County and the mineworkers who live here.  He's always been there for us, and we'll be with him no matter what.  Folks in Washington can throw around endorsements on a piece of paper -- names we don't even know.  They don't mean much to us, because here in Meigs County, we know it's been Ted Strickland who has stood by us time and again.”


Portman Voted Three Times To Slash Funding For Mine Safety. [Charleston Gazette-Mail, 10/27/12; Vote 46,3/21/13, Vote 98,5/15/12, Vote 77,5/25/11]

Portman Voted 7 Times To Repeal Legislation Expanding Access To Black Lung Benefits For Miners And Their Families. [ACA Explained, Accessed 8/2/15; Federal Register, Accessed 8/2/15; Vote 51,3/22/13; Vote 34,3/13/13; Vote 9, 2/2/11; Vote 253,7/26/15; Vote 46,3/21/13; Vote 98,5/15/12; Vote 77,5/25/11]

Portman took $1,000 From Don Blankenship, Former CEO Of Massey Energy, who was convicted of conspiring to violate federal mine safety standards. [Sunlight Foundation, Influence Explorer, Accessed 8/2/15; New York Times, 12/3/15]

Portman took $2,400 from Richard Whiting, CEO Of Patriot Coal, who fought to protect millions in bonuses to mining executives while cutting pensions for mine workers. [Sunlight Foundation, Influence Explorer, Accessed 8/2/15; Bloomberg, 5/16/13]


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