NEW VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren Makes the Case for Ted Strickland

Warren: “We need Ted Strickland in Washington D.C.”

COLUMBUS, OH –– Today the Ted Strickland for Senate Campaign is releasing a new web video: “Our Voices,” featuring Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The video features a testimonial from Senator Warren laying out the case for why Ted is the best choice for Ohio’s working people, highlighting his support for college affordability, retirement security and stopping bad trade deals.

Senator Warren recently joined Ted at campaign stops in Columbus and Cleveland, speaking about their shared agenda of fighting for working families in contrast to Senator Rob Portman’s record of fighting for the rich and the powerful and Portman’s continued support for Donald Trump.



Senator Elizabeth Warren: "Republicans think that they can buy the Senate race in Ohio and the presidential race in Ohio. And look, they've got a lot of money and they've got a lot of power. But we've got our voices and our votes.

“We get out there for Ted Strickland, and we'll show them how democracy works. We'll show them what it means to get somebody who will fight for working people. That's what this election is going to be all about.

“Ted Strickland believes that every kid should have a chance to get a decent education without getting crushed by student loan debt, and he'll be out there fighting for them.

“Ted Strickland believes that after a lifetime of hard work people are entitled to retire with some dignity, and he'll be out there fighting for Social Security and Medicare.

“Ted Strickland believes down to his toes that we don't negotiate bad trade deals that leave our workers in the dirt, and he'll be fighting against TPP.

“Sherrod Brown needs Ted Strickland as a partner in Ohio, and we need Ted Strickland in Washington DC. We need him so he can fight for real people.”


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