NEW REPORT: Portman Refuses to Release Tax Returns

COLUMBUS, OH -- A new report from WHIO and the Cox Media Group group reveals that -- just like presidential candidate Donald Trump -- Senator Rob Portman is refusing to release his tax returns.

From the report:

WHIO: “We asked dozens of candidates for Congress and Senate to send us their latest federal tax returns. Ted Strickland, running against Ohio’s Senator Rob Portman, gave us his 2015 federal return and sent us this statement. ‘I voluntarily released my tax returns as governor because I believe voters have a right to know what’s in them and I am happy to do so now as well. I hope Senator Portman will join me in making this information available. Portman… did not not respond to our request to share his tax returns.”

In response, today Ted Strickland issued the following statement: 

“It is deeply troubling that Senator Portman –– like Donald Trump –– is refusing to release his tax returns, and it only raises more questions. As we have seen from the scandals surrounding Trump’s refusal to release his returns, Senator Portman’s decision to hide this information means Ohioans have no way of knowing if Senator Portman pays a fair tax rate, how Senator Portman’s votes to raise taxes on the middle class and cut taxes for the ultra-rich have impacted himself, or what exactly Senator Portman is afraid of voters seeing in his returns. I urge Senator Portman to reconsider his decision and join me in making this information available for voters to judge for themselves.”

WHIO: Senator Portman refuses to release tax returns


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