Letter to Obama Administration on Market Economy Status for China

May 9, 2016

To: President BarackObama
CC: United States Trade Representative Michael Froman  

Dear President Obama,

I write to urge your Administration to formally oppose efforts by The People’s Republic of China to gain Market Economy Status through the World Trade Organization.

Unfair trading practices by China have rocked Ohio’s economy, and have had a particularly devastating impact on our steel and manufacturing industries. If China obtains this new status, it will be more difficult for the United States and other countries to stop unfair Chinese trading practices and to stop them from dumping products like steel into our country.

As you are no doubt aware, efforts by China to gain this new trading status are intensifying. A recent New York Times report (“China’s Steel Makers Undercut Rivals as Trade Debate Intensifies,” Reed and Bradsher, May 3, 2016) detailed how China is beginning a worldwide lobbying push to gain Market Economy Status, using the potential expiration of proxy-country trading rules at the World Trade Organization in December to advance their objectives.

The lack of transparency in China’s economy detailed in this New York Times report is, by itself, an indication that China is not a market economy.

America has already lost millions of jobs to China following the passage of unfair trade agreements. If China is allowed to gain these new trade protections, I believe the results would further hurt our working families and Ohio’s economy. I urge the Administration to formally oppose efforts by China to gain this Market Economy Status.


Ted Strickland
68th Governor Of Ohio

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