In Case You Missed It: Strickland Calls To Protect American Jobs In Lorain

LORAIN, OH — On Wednesday, Ted Strickland held an hour-long roundtable discussion in Lorain with steelworkers facing layoffs, community members and local elected officials — speaking out about his support for the the community, his working class upbringing as the son of a steelworker, and calling Senator Rob Portman out for his support for bad trade deals and policies that jeopardize American jobs. Here’s what they’re saying: 
"Two weeks after nearly 500 steelworkers from U.S. Steel and Republic Steel in Lorain learned they were facing lay off's over the next month a group of them gathered at the Local 1104 Union Hall with Union and elected leaders to discuss their options going forward. The roundtable discussion was put on by former governor and current Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Ted Strickland. 'This is an example of really hard working people in a wonderful community that have done everything by the book, they've played by the rules,' said Strickland. 'They produced good products and by no fault of their own they're finding themselves without a job, facing a very uncertain future.’” [ABC Cleveland, 1/20/16]

Lorain Morning Journal: Strickland: I hear frustration from Lorain steelworkers
"Better trade deals, better policy and more understanding by elected officials will benefit the workers of Lorain and Ohio, said U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland. The former Ohio governor this year is challenging Republican Sen. Rob Portman to represent the Buckeye State. Strickland visitedLorain on Jan. 20 to talk about his record and to listen to concerns of steelworkers facing layoffs from Republic Steel and United States Steel Corp.’s Lorain Tubular Operations […] 'What I heard here … is a frustration that is indicative of what a lot of people in this country are feeling about our economy, about the fact that it’s out of whack, it’s skewed toward the wealthiest among us and regular people need a break,' Strickland said after the talk. 'That’s why I came here, to hear their stories and demonstrate to them I do want to be on their side and I do want to fight for them in the Senate.’” [The Morning Journal, 1/20/16
"Former Gov. Ted Strickland said he feels the pain of steelworkers.As the son and brother of steelworkers, he said he’s watched the industry collapse and has seen the suffering that overseas trade has brought to the people he thinks are 'the backbone of their community.’ 'I believe in the steelworkers and the fact that you are truly the backbone of your community,' he said. 'And you are suffering. Your neighbors and community are suffering, and we all will, too, if something isn’t done about it.’ […] U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, the Cincinnati Republican whom Strickland would challenge in November if Strickland wins the March primary, voted for the trade agreement when also serving in the House of Representatives at that time. 'What has Rob Portman done for the working man?' Strickland said, receiving applause. 'He’s a very nice guy, but he doesn’t understand what you are going through here.’” [The Chronicle Telegram, 1/21/16

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