ICYMI: Jeers: Flush This Ad Against Strickland [Cleveland.com]


Jeers: Flush This Ad Against Strickland
Cleveland.com, Sharon Broussard
September 8, 2016


JEERS . . . to the National Republican Senatorial Committee for releasing a political ad against former Gov. Ted Strickland that earned a Pants-on-Fire! rating from PolitiFact Ohio. The ad claims that Strickland, a Democrat who is running for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Rob Portman, spent $250,000 renovating bathrooms in the governor's mansion in Bexley. Wrong. The money, some of which was set aside by Republican Gov. Bob Taft, was spent on upgrading exterior public toilets for the estimated 20,000 people who visit the mansion each year, said James Miller, the former state of Ohio project manager. Flush this ad.


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