Former Gov. Strickland Statement on Steelworker Layoffs in Lorain

In response to a new report that 261 Ohio steelworkers in Lorain are facing layoffs, today former Governor Ted Strickland issued the following statement:

“As the son of a steelworker, my heart goes out to these folks, their families and the community of Lorain. This is another tragic example of how our working people are bearing the consequences when those in Washington like Senator Portman repeatedly vote for bad trade deals that send our jobs to places like China. Senator Portman votes this way because he doesn’t understand the struggles that working people are facing just to get by — and because he’s part of the Washington establishment that is looking out for their own interests instead of ours. I’ve voted against every bad trade deal, and as governor I fought for the auto-rescue and to create the next generation of clean energy infrastructure in Ohio because I know that these kinds of jobs are the bedrock of our middle class economy. In the U.S Senate I will continue to put working people first — that’s where I come from and those are the folks I care about.”

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