Fmr. Governor Strickland Pledges To Protect Affordable, Accessible Women’s Healthcare Services

On 43rd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, Strickland Joins Women For Roundtable Discussion

COLUMBUS, OH — On the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, today former Governor Ted Strickland joined Columbus-area women and local leaders to speak about his strong support for women’s healthcare and his commitment to fighting for Ohio’s families in the U.S. Senate.
At the roundtable discussion, Strickland highlighted the connection between affordable women’s healthcare services and economic opportunity for Ohio’s working families, his commitment to keeping healthcare decisions between a woman and her doctor, and his support for accessible preventive care, birth control and screenings.
In contrast, Senator Portman has repeatedly prioritized his own Washington politics at the expense of Ohio’s women: supporting the controversial Blunt Amendment and Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision which would jeopardize women’s access to care and allow a woman’s boss to decide whether or not to cover birth control, costing an individual hundreds of dollars more per year.
Strickland was joined at the event by Columbus City Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown and incoming State Representative Kristin Boggs.
“In the U.S. Senate I will be proud to stand with the women of Ohio to protect and expand the affordable and quality healthcare services they deserve," said former Governor Ted Strickland. “There is a clear connection between the accessibility of women’s healthcare services and more economic opportunity for working families. And while our country has made great progress on this issue, there are new challenges to confront. I believe birth control is a decision between a woman and her doctor, not between a woman and her boss. But Senator Portman disagrees — a position that is not only out of step with our values but would force women to pay hundreds of dollars more every year for basic services and medicine. It’s another powerful example proving why Ohio’s working women and families cannot afford for Senator Portman to continue prioritizing these kinds of dysfunctional, Washington politics at our expense.”

Senator Portman Co-Sponsored Controversial Blunt Amendment Jeopardizing Access to Birth Control And Preventive care. Portman co-sponsored the Blunt Amendment, which would allow employers to block access to women’s contraception or important preventive care like mammograms that they objected to. [S. 1467, Cosponsored 10/31/11; Columbus Dispatch, 3/4/12; Washington Post, 3/1/12; New York Times, 3/2/12]

Senator Portman Supported Infamous Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision, Co-Sponsored “Hobby Lobby On Steroids” Bill. Senator Portman supports the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision that allows some employers to deny women contraception coverage. He also co-sponsored a “Hobby Lobby On Steroids” bill which would allow employers or insurance companies to refuse to cover any preventive services or essential health benefits in the ACA. [Senator Rob Portman, Press Release, 6/30/14; S. 2578, Vote 228, 7/16/14; S. 1919, Co-sponsored 8/4/15, Introduced 8/4/15; Salon, 6/16/15]

Senator Portman Supports Repeal Of The Affordable Care Act: Making Women Pay More For Birth control And Preventive Care; Allowing Insurance Companies To Discriminate Against Women, and Causing More Than One Million Women In Ohio To Lose Healthcare Access. [Rob Portman, Press Release, 3/20/15; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 3/23/15; Washington Post, Wonkblog, 7/8/15]

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