Fmr. Gov. Strickland: Sen. Portman Should Pass a Budget

New Report: Portman Claims "A Budget is Not Needed"

COLUMBUS, OH — In a new report in The Hill, Senator Portman argues that passing a budget for the United States government is “not needed” — demonstrating once again how out-of-touch his Washington, insider politics are with Ohio’s values. Ironically, Senator Portman previously served as President George W. Bush’s Budget Director.
In the same report, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell slams Senator Portman’s position, stating that “another way to measure dysfunction is not passing a budget.”
Senator Portman has also faced mounting criticism for touting provisions in last year’s spending bill despite voting against it: Stephen Koff of the NE Ohio Media Group wrote that Portman’s hypocrisy on this issue is a clear example of “how Washington ticks off the rest of America.” Additionally, Portman has repeatedly admitted that he is failing to even read legislation: he also failed to read last year's spending bill before voting against it and infamously refused to read the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal which could jeopardize Ohio jobs before voting in favor of fast-track authority to push the bill through Congress.
Today, former Governor Ted Strickland issued the following statement:
“This is common sense: working people where I’m from don’t get paid if they don’t do their jobs — and Senator Portman should do the job we’re paying him to do. This is exactly what frustrates Ohioans about Washington: insiders like Portman spend their time prioritizing their own D.C. politics while our middle class families pay the price. As governor, passing an operating budget was one of my most important responsibilities — it lays out goals, sets forth values and is vital to the responsible stewardship of our tax dollars. It wasn’t always easy and we had plenty of disagreements, but we brought everyone together and got the job done because that’s what Ohioans expected us to do. As Ohio’s next U.S. Senator you’ll never hear me say we should abandon this important responsibility. And when even Senator McConnell is calling Portman’s position ‘dysfunctional,’ it's another clear sign of how deeply out of touch Portman has become.”

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