FACT CHECK: Strickland Launches Truth Team Site, Chamber Ad Features Claims PolitiFact Called “False”

Strickland Campaign Launches New Website Feature: The Strickland Truth Team

COLUMBUS, OH -- The U.S. Chamber is out with a new, false advertisement attacking Ted Strickland –– but it’s no surprise they’re propping up an ultimate Washington insider like Sen. Portman: the Chamber and Portman are both unabashed supporters of unfair, job-killing trade policies that have outsourced hundreds of thousands of  Ohio jobs to places like China.

In response, today the Ted Strickland campaign is launching a new feature on its website: The Strickland Truth Team. The site will be a hub for voters to learn the truth about false claims from Sen. Portman and his D.C. allies, includes a feature to allow individuals to easily share these facts through social media and will be updated throughout the race.

From David Bergstein, Strickland Campaign Spokesman: “The Chamber is backing Sen. Portman with this false ad because he’s the ultimate Washington insider –– and because they are both unabashed supporters of job-killing trade policies that have outsourced hundreds of thousands of Ohio jobs to places like China. The flagrantly dishonest claims in this ad are more proof that the D.C. power brokers and wealthy special interests Portman serves are desperate to keep him in Congress so he can continue pushing their agenda at the expense of Ohio’s working families.” 

The Chamber’s ad features two claims that have already been labeled “false” by PolitiFact.  See the facts for  yourself: 

FALSE CLAIM: Strickland was responsible for a global recession that cost jobs.
FACT: PolitiFact called this claim “false.” Newspapers, economists and fact checkers agree — Ohio’s recovery began under Strickland

  • PolitiFact: “The Claim That Strickland Destroyed Ohio Jobs Amounts to Political Hyperbole.” [PolitiFact,10/19/10] 

  • Ohio Economist George Zeller: Ohio’s Recovery Began Under Ted Strickland. [PolitiFact1/24/13] 

  • Cincinnati Enquirer: “The State’s Recovery Began Under Strickland.” [Cincinnati Enquirer,7/20/15] 

  • Akron Beacon Journal: Strickland “Steered the state through the harsh recession, making hard choices yet protecting leading priorities.” [Akron Beacon Journal Editorial, 1/9/13]

FALSE CLAIM: Strickland is responsible for a global recession that increased unemployment, reduced wages and hurt job creation.
FACT: Ohio’s recovery began under Strickland: under Strickland, unemployment dropped, wages increased and Ohio was the 5th fastest growing economy in the country.  

  • Under Strickland, Ohio Was One Of Only Two States To Have Eight Consecutive Months of Declining Unemployment. [PolitiFact,1/3/11]

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: Under Strickland,  “Ohio Had The 5th Fastest Growing Economy Of Any State.” “Ohio had the fifth fastest growing economy of any state during the past 12 months, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, which tracks economic conditions in each state.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer,11/7/10] 

  • Under Strickland, Ohio Gained $1.2 Billion In Paychecks And Wages Rose By 2.5 Percent. “Ohio gained $1.2 billion in paychecks between the third quarters of 2009 and 2010. That one year increase was 2.5%. The growth in paychecks was widely distributed across Ohio, with 71 of the 88 counties enjoying a one year increase.” [Jobs and Earnings Trends in Ohio Counties – Third Quarter 2010 Update, George Zeller – Economic Research Analyst,May 2011]

False Claim: Because of Strickland Ohio was “8 billion dollars in the red.”
FACT CHECK: PolitiFact called this argument “false,” writing Strickland’s “budget wasn’t busted, it was balanced.” An $8 billion budget deficit never happened.

  • PolitiFact: Under Strickland, “The Budget Wasn’t Busted, It Was Balanced.” [PolitiFact,10/19/10]

  • Strickland Balanced The Budget Every Year. Ohio Is Required To Have A Balanced Budget.

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: $8 Billion Shortfall “Never Fully Materialized,” Democrats “Correct” That It Never Existed.  “Let's go back to that $8 billion budget shortfall. Many Democrats argue there was no such thing. And, technically, they are correct. Initial estimates never fully materialized, as tax revenues grew more than expected in the early months of the Kasich administration. [...]  Borges blames Strickland for a shortfall that was not as large as expected because of increased revenues but gives Strickland no credit for those revenues.” [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 8/3/14]

  • Cincinnati Enquirer: Kasich’s Budget Director Couldn’t Defend The $8 Billion Deficit Figure. “When asked whether he views $8 billion or $6 billion as the accurate deficit number, Keen responded in a way that goes a long way toward explaining the widespread confusion. ‘I don't know what the right number is.’” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 6/6/11]

  • Kasich’s First Budget Ultimately Spent $5 Billion More And Took In More General Fund Revenue Than Strickland’s Last Budget. [Ohio Legislative Service Commission, 8/15/11; Ohio Legislative Service Commission, Accessed 5/23/15]

  • Cincinnati Enquirer: “How do you subtract nearly $8 billion but end up $5 billion higher...Legislators and other top officials remain befuddled by the basic budget math.”  [Cincinnati Enquirer, 6/6/11] 

False Claim: Strickland failed Ohio.
FACT: Newspapers praised Strickland’s record, writing that he “moved the state ahead as governor,” stating he “pulled the state through a certified crisis as well as anyone could,” and that “Strickland has served the region and the state well.” 

  • Akron Beacon Journal: “Strickland moved the state ahead as governor...He steered the state through the harsh recession, making hard choices yet protecting leading priorities.” [Akron Beacon Journal Editorial, 1/9/13]

  • Dayton Daily News: Strickland “pulled the state through a certified crisis as well as anyone could.” [Dayton Daily News Editorial, 10/13/10]

  • Youngstown Vindicator: “Strickland has served the region and the state well.” [Youngstown Vindicator Editorial, 10/17/10] 

Learn more at www.TedStrickland.com/TruthTeam.



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