FACT CHECK: Koch Brothers Twist The Facts To Prop Up Their Puppet Rob Portman

COLUMBUS, OH -- The Koch Brothers are out with a new, false advertisement attacking Ted Strickland, but it’s no surprise they are propping up Senator Rob Portman -- Portman is the ultimate Washington insider who pushes the agenda of the wealthy and the well connected at every turn while Ohio’s working people pay the price.

From David Bergstein, Strickland Campaign Spokesman: “Senator Portman is the ultimate Washington insider -- it’s no surprise that the wealthy and well-connected want him to stay in D.C. to continue pushing their agenda at the expense of Ohio’s working families. Newspapers and fact checkers agree: Ted put Ohio on the road to economic recovery, cut taxes, balanced the budget every year, and stood up for working people at every turn. Whether Portman is backing unfair trade deals that have outsourced hundreds of thousands of jobs to places like China, trying to raise the retirement age for seniors or refusing to do his job and consider the Supreme Court nominee, Portman represents exactly what Ohioans hate about the dysfunctional politics of Washington and insiders who practice them.”

See the facts for yourself:

False Claim: Strickland was responsible for a global recession that cost jobs.

FACT: PolitiFact called this claim “false.” Newspapers, economists and fact checkers agree — Ohio’s recovery began under Strickland. And Strickland Won Site Selection Magazine’s Governor’s Cup 3 Years In A Row For Best State To Locate A Business In.


  • PolitiFact: “The Claim That Strickland Destroyed Ohio Jobs Amounts to Political Hyperbole.” [PolitiFact, 10/19/10]

  • Strickland Won Site Selection Magazine Governor’s Cup 3 Years In A Row For best State to Locate A Business In. [Site Selection Magazine, Press Release, 3/3/08; Site Selection Magazine, Press Release, 3/9/09; Site Selection Magazine, Press Release, 3/3/10]

  • Ohio Economist George Zeller: Ohio’s Recovery Began Under Ted Strickland. [PolitiFact 1/24/13]

  • Cincinnati Enquirer: “The State’s Recovery Began Under Strickland.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/20/15]

  • Akron Beacon Journal: Strickland “Steered the state through the harsh recession, making hard choices yet protecting leading priorities.” [Akron Beacon Journal Editorial, 1/9/13]

False claim: Strickland raised taxes.

FACT: Strickland oversaw a tax cut for every Ohioan.

  • Under Strickland “Lawmakers Reduced Taxes,” Strickland “Slashed Spending.” “Lawmakers actually reduced taxes for individuals and businesses. Republicans rallied to the first Strickland budget because it held spending in check. Strickland then slashed spending during the final two years of his term. [Akron Beacon Journal, Michael Douglas Column,  7/8/13]

  • Dayton Daily News Editorial: Strickland “Never Raised Taxes.” “He highlighted policies like the Third Frontier (inaugurated by a Republican predecessor), started with a tax cut for seniors, never raised taxes, cut the size of the state workforce, pushed the state in the direction of high technology.” [Dayton Daily News Editorial, 2/26/11]

  • Toledo Blade Editorial: “Ohioans Won't Pay More [In Taxes] For 2009 Than 2008 […] In Some Case, Taxpayers Might Actually Owe Less.” “The advantage of putting off the final phase of the tax cut is that it will be hardly noticed. Ohioans won't pay more for 2009 than 2008 because the indexed personal exemption is due to increase from its current $1,500 to $1,550. In some case, taxpayers might actually owe less.” [Toledo Blade Editorial, 10/5/09]

  • Strickland Oversaw A 13 Percent Tax Cut In Every Ohioan’s Individual Income Tax. [H.B. 66, Signed 6/30/05; Ohio Department Of Taxation, Accessed 1/29/16]

  • Strickland Oversaw The Largest Income Tax Cut In Modern Ohio History. [Ohio Department Of Taxation, Accessed 4/7/16]

  • Dayton Daily News: Under Strickland, Ohio’s Tax Burden Was Ranked At A 16 Year Low. “Ohio’s national ranking for state and local tax burden on its residents has improved steadily in the past decade, reaching its best level in 16 years in fiscal year 2010. [Dayton Daily News, 10/24/12]

  • WCPN: Strickland Cut Taxes For Senior Citizen Homeowners, An Average Tax Savings of Over $400. [WCPN, 9/9/13]

  • Strickland Cut Taxes For Veterans. “Military pensions were declared tax exempt under a bill signed into law in December 2007 by then-Gov. Ted Strickland.” [Dayton Daily News, 8/18/15; H.B. 372, Signed 12/20/07; Ohio Legislative Service Commission, H.B. 372, Accessed 12/31/15]

  • Strickland Cut Taxes For Military Surviving Spouses. “The act exempts from the income tax retirement payments made to a surviving spouse or former spouse of a taxpayer who served in the United States armed forces, National Guard, or reserves, under the Survivor Benefit Plan.” [H.B. 562, Signed 6/24/08; Ohio Legislative Service Commission, H.B. 562, Accessed 12/31/15]

False claim: Ted has a negative record for Ohio.

FACT: Newspapers said “Strickland has served the region and the state well.”

  • Akron Beacon Journal: “Strickland moved the state ahead as governor...He steered the state through the harsh recession, making hard choices yet protecting leading priorities.” [Akron Beacon Journal Editorial, 1/9/13]

  • Dayton Daily News: Strickland “pulled the state through a certified crisis as well as anyone could.” [Dayton Daily News Editorial, 10/13/10]

  • Youngstown Vindicator: “Strickland has served the region and the state well.” [Youngstown Vindicator Editorial, 10/17/10]

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