Debate Fact Check: Strickland Balanced Every Budget & Cut Taxes For Every Ohioan


For Immediate Release: Oct. 14, 2016


Debate Fact Check: Strickland Balanced Every Budget & Cut Taxes For Every Ohioan

COLUMBUS, OH – Just like the ultimate Washington insider that he is, Senator Portman isn’t telling the truth about Ted Strickland: Ted balanced every budget, cut taxes for every Ohioan, and put Ohio on the road to economic recovery.

As President Bush’s Budget Director Portman exploded the deficit by $459 billion and in Congress he voted to increase taxes on the middle class in order to give handouts to his rich and powerful friends.

See the facts for yourself:

PolitiFact: Under Strickland, “The Budget Wasn’t Busted, It Was Balanced.” [PolitiFact, 10/19/10] Strickland Did Not Raise Taxes, He Cut Taxes. “The ad falsely claims that Strickland raised taxes by $800 million. Strickland delayed a scheduled tax cut for a year, but his overall record shows net tax cuts.” [, 5/8/16

Newark Advocate Editorial: “The Purpose of Ohio’s Rainy Day Fund Is To Stabilize State Government During Times Of Crisis.”It's also clear the purpose of Ohio's rainy day fund is to stabilize state government during times of crisis, including a steep drop in tax revenue that could have forced massive layoffs of state employees, creating more economic stress. Not to mention the Republican majority in Ohio's General Assembly (Senate only in 2009-10) had to approve the spending.” [Newark Advocate Editorial, 7/30/16]

Portman’s Budget As OMB Director Had A $459 Billion Deficit. [U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Of St. Louis, FRED Data, Accessed 7/6/15]

Portman Voted For FY 2013 Ryan Budget Plan, Which Provided Millionaire Households A $286,000 Net Tax Cut On Average And Middle Class Households A Tax Increase. “After eliminating the deductions for state and local taxes, mortgage interest and charitable contributions, removing the employer‐provided health insurance exclusion, and taxing 401(k) contributions, the typical household making more than $1 million and filing a joint return will still experience a net reduction in taxes of $286,543 under Ryan’s budget. […] The net effect is that a typical household earning between $50,000 and $100,000 and filing jointly will face a tax increase under the Ryan plan of $1,358, assuming the additional income is taxed at a 10 percent rate.” [U.S. Congress, Joint Economic Committee, Majority Staff, 6/20/12; H.Con.Res. 112, Vote 98, 5/16/12]

Portman Voted Twice To Protect Tax Breaks For Companies That Ship Jobs Overseas. [S. 3364, Vote 181, 7/19/12; S. 2569, Vote 249, 7/30/14]

Portman Voted Against Extending The Payroll Tax Cut Through 2012. [H.R. 3630, Vote 22, 2/17/12]

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