Debate Fact Check: Portman Would Make Higher Education More Expensive

COLUMBUS, OH – There’s a clear contrast between Ted Strickland Senator Portman when it comes to higher education: Strickland froze college tuition and increased funding for higher education, while Senator Portman opposed letting students refinance their loans, voted for the largest cut to Pell Grants in history, and proposed eliminating the Perkins Loan program.

See the facts for yourself:

As Governor, Strickland Signed Budgets That Froze College Tuition And Capped Undergraduate Tuition Increases To 3.5 Percent. Strickland’s first budget, according to the Associated Press, “freezes college tuition for two years and supplies $100 million in scholarships for the math-and-science students.” Strickland’s second budget capped tuition increases at colleges to 3.5 percent.” [Ohio General Assembly, H.B. 199, Signed 6/30/07; Associated Press, Toledo Blade, 7/1/07; Ohio Legislative Services Commission, H.B. 1 Analysis, Accessed 5/8/15; Ohio General Assembly, H.B. 1, Signed 7/17/09]

Strickland’s Last Budget Increased Funding For Higher Education Compared To His Predecessor And Governor Kasich:

Two-Year Budget


Taft's Last Budget (FY 06-07)


Strickland's Second Budget (FY 10-11)


Kasich's First Budget (FY 12-13)


Difference Between Strickland's Last Budget And His Predecessor:


[Ohio Legislative Service Commission, H.B 119, FY 08-09 Budget, 12/12/07; Ohio Legislative Service Commission, H.B.1, FY 10-11 Budget, 9/22/09; Ohio Legislative Service Commission, H.B. 153, FY 12-13 Budget, 8/7/12]

Portman Voted Against An Amendment Allowing Students To Refinance Loans By Raising Taxes On Millionaires. [CQ, 3/25/15; S. Con. Res. 11, Vote 86, 3/25/15]

Portman Voted For The Largest Pell Grant Cut In The Program’s History. [Vote 77,5/25/11; Huffington Post, Mark Kantrowitz Op-Ed,5/25/11]

As OMB Director, Portman Proposed Eliminating The Perkins Loan Program. [Office Of Management and Budget,February 2007]

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