Debate Fact Check: Portman Would Cost 830,000 Ohioans Their Healthcare

COLUMBUS, OH – There’s a clear contrast between Ted Strickland and Senator Portman when it comes to making healthcare more affordable and accessible for Ohioans: unlike Portman, Strickland declined taxpayer funded healthcare – and Senator Portman would take away healthcare from over 830,000 Ohioans and strip away vital protections.

See the facts for yourself:

Portman Voted To Repeal Affordable Care Act, Which Would Take Us Back To A Time When Insurers Could Charge Women More Than Men For The Same Care, Insurers Could Deny Coverage Due To Pre-Existing Conditions, And Seniors Could Have To Pay More For Prescription Drugs. In March 2013, Portman to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would take us back to a time when women could be charged more than men for the same health care, insurers could deny care to people with pre-existing conditions, and seniors could have to pay more for prescription drugs due to the “donut hole.” [, Accessed 9/27/16; S.Amdt.202 to S.Con.Res.8, Vote 51, 3/22/13]

By Repealing The Affordable Care Act, Over 830,000 Ohioans Would Lose Their Insurance. From the Health and Human Services website: “587,107 Ohioans have gained Medicaid or CHIP coverage since the beginning of the Health Insurance Marketplace first open enrollment period.” From the Health and Human Services March 2016 Final Enrollment Report: 243,715 Ohioans had a marketplace plan. Together, the number of Ohioans who have health insurance through Medicaid expansion, CHIP coverage, and the Obamacare enrollment marketplace is 830,822. [, Accessed 9/27/16; Health and Human Services 2016 Final Enrollment Report, Accessed 9/27/16]

Associated Press: “Strickland Has Declined Taxpayer-Funded Health Care Both As A Congressman And Since Being Elected Governor In 2006.” “The governor paid about $22,000 annually in taxes each year, and over the entire four years returned $31,682 to the state for the cost of his health care, which he pays for himself. Strickland has declined taxpayer-funded health care both as a congressman and since being elected governor in 2006.” [Associated Press, 4/28/10]

Strickland Supports Reforms To The Affordable Care Act, Including Repealing The Cadillac Tax And Allowing Medicare Part D To Negotiate For Better Prescription Drug Prices. [Strickland For Senate, Accessed 10/2/16]

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