Debate Fact Check: Portman Voted Against Raising The Minimum Wage, Equal Pay And Fair Overtime Pay

COLUMBUS, OH – There’s a clear contrast between Ted Strickland Senator Portman when it comes to fair wage for working people: Portman voted against raising the minimum wage, voted 5 time against equal pay for women, and voted to strip overtime pay away from 6 million Americans.  

See the facts for yourself:

Portman Voted Against Increasing The Federal Minimum Wage To $10.10. [S. 2223, Vote 117, 4/30/14]

Strickland Supported Expanding Overtime Pay. Portman Voted To Advance Bush Overtime Plan That Stripped Overtime From 6 Million American Workers. [Strickland For Senate, 2/19/16; H.R. 2660, Vote 159, 5/12/04; Economic Policy Institute, 7/14/04]

Portman Voted Five Times Against Equal Pay Legislation Although Ohio Women Earn 75 Cents On The Dollar Compared To Men. [S. Con. Res. 11, Vote 152, 4/15/15; S.Amdt. 362 to S.Con.Res. 11, Vote 82, 3/24/15; S. 2199, Vote 262, 9/15/14; S. 2199, Vote 103, 4/9/14; S. 3220, Vote 115, 6/5/12; National Women’s Law Center, 9/15/16]

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