Debate Fact Check: Portman Voted Against Immigration Reform

COLUMBUS, OH – There’s a clear contrast between Ted Strickland Senator Portman when it comes to immigration reform: Portman voted against bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform, while Strickland supported it.  

See the facts for yourself:

Strickland Supported Comprehensive Immigration Reform. “Strickland has called for the Senate to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would include border protection as well as create a path to citizenship.” [Dayton Daily News, 9/4/16]

Portman Voted Against Bipartisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform. In June 2013, Portman voted against the: “Passage of a bill that would overhaul U.S. immigration policies, create an incremental path to citizenship for most illegal immigrants in the country and institute new border security measures.” The bill passed by 68-32. [CQ, 6/27/13, S.744, Vote 168, 6/27/13]

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