Debate Fact Check: Portman Voted Against Commonsense Gun Safety Laws

COLUMBUS, OH – There’s a clear contrast between Ted Strickland Senator Portman when it comes to commonsense gun safety laws that will help make Ohioans safer: Portman voted against comprehensive background checks, against stopping suspected terrorists from buying guns, and the gun lobby has spent more money propping Portman up than on all other congressional races combined.  

See the facts for yourself:

Strickland Supported Background Checks, Prohibiting Sales To Suspected Terrorists And Has Been Endorsed By The Gun Safety Organization Americans For Responsible Solutions. [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/5/16; Americans For Responsible Solutions, 3/8/16]

Portman Voted Against Background Checks On All Gun Sales And Voted Against Denying Sales To Suspected Terrorists. [H.R. 2578, Vote 104, 6/20/16; S. Amdt. 4720 to S. Amdt. 4685 to H.R. 2578, Vote 106, 6/20/16; H.R. 2578, Vote 109, 6/23/16]

Cincinnati Enquirer: Portman Voted Against Comprehensive Background Checks. “Background checks came up again in June after Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy's 15-hour filibuster. But Portman voted against Murphy's proposal, too, which would have required background checks on most gun sales.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 9/23/16]

Cincinnati Enquirer: Portman Voted Against Denying Firearms To Suspected Terrorists. “He also voted against a proposal to deny firearms to people who authorities believe are involved in terrorism.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 9/23/16]

Columbus Dispatch: The Republican-Backed Gun Proposal Portman Voted For Would “Delay, But Not Ban, Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns.” [Columbus Dispatch, 6/25/16]

The Gun Lobby Has Spent $1.7 Million To Defeat Strickland, More Than All Other Congressional Races Combined. [The Trace, 8/25/16]

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