Debate Fact Check: Portman Is The Best Senator China Ever Had

COLUMBUS, OH – Just like the dishonest Washington insider that he is, Senator Portman is not telling the truth about Ted Strickland: Ted consistently stood up to China, while Senator Portman is the best Senator China ever had.

Watch Portman Praising Unfair Trade Deals With China In His Own Words

See the facts for yourself:

2000: Strickland Voted Against Permanent Most Favored Nation Trade Relations With China. Portman Voted For It, Which Led To The U.S. Losing 3.2 Million Jobs. [Economic Policy Institute, 12/11/14; CQ, 5/24/00; H.R. 4444, Vote 228, 5/24/00]

Portman Voted 14 Times To Advance Most Favored Nation Trade Status With China. [H.R. 4444, Vote 228, 5/24/00; H.R. 4444, Vote 227, 5/24/00; H.Res. 510, Vote 225, 5/24/00; H.J.Res. 50, Vote 255, 7/19/01; H.J.Res. 103, Vote 405, 7/18/00; H.J.Res. 57, Vote 338, 7/27/99; H.J.Res. 121, Vote 317, 7/22/98; H.J.Res. 79, Vote 231, 6/24/97; H.J.Res. 182, Vote 284, 6/27/96; H.J.Res. 96, Vote 537, 7/20/95; H.R. 4590, H.Amdt. 830, Vote 383, 8/9/94; H.R. 4590, H.Amdt. 829, Vote 382, 8/9/94; H.J.Res. 373, Vote 381, 8/9/94; H.J.Res. 208, Vote 347, 7/21/93]

World Trade Review: Portman Said Legislation To Crack Down on Chinese Currency Manipulation Was “Counter-Productive.” [World Trade Review,1/15/05]

Politico: As Trade Representative, “Portman Urged The President Not To Impose Restrictions On Cheap Chinese Steel Imports, Causing A Drop In Sales And Job Losses For The U.S. Steel Industry.” [Politico,7/24/12]

PolitiFact: Under Rob Portman’s U.S. Trade Representative Tenure, The Trade Deficit With China Increased By 21 Percent. [PolitiFact,9/9/10]

Associated Press: As Trade Representative, Portman “Didn't Fare Particularly Well In Stemming China's Trade Advantage.” “He didn't fare particularly well in stemming China's trade advantage, either. Under Portman's watch, the U.S. trade deficit with China soared by 25 percent in 2005, and the next year it climbed more than 15 percent.” [Associated Press,8/30/12]

Columbus Dispatch: Strickland And Portman Have “Polar Opposite” Records On Trade. [Columbus Dispatch,5/20/16]

Columbus Dispatch Fact Check: Strickland’s Votes Cited By Opponents On China Present An “Incomplete Picture.” “The suggestion here is that Strickland is being hypocritical because he has frequently criticized Kasich for his votes for the North American Free Trade Agreement (Strickland opposed it) and for "special trade status for China." [...] But as with most arguments based on a handful of thousands of votes cast, it's easy to present an incomplete picture.” [Columbus Dispatch, 8/28/10]

  • 1993: President Clinton Signed An Unprecedented Executive Order That Linked Chinese MFN Status To Improvements In China’s Human Rights And Tough Enforcement Of Fair Trade Practices. [Congressional Research Service, 6/10/98]

  • Chinese Officials: Strickland’s Position Would “Seriously Impair” Relations Between The Two Countries.“ [Associated Press, 5/29/93]

  • 1994: Strickland Voted Twice Against Advancing Most Favored Nation Status With China. [H.R. 4590, H.Amdt. 830, Vote 383, 8/9/94; H.R. 4590, H.Amdt. 829, Vote 382, 8/9/94]

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