Debate Fact Check: Portman Is A Champion For Job-Killing Trade Deals

COLUMBUS, OH – There’s a clear contrast between Senator Portman and Ted Strickland when it comes to the issue of trade: Ted has consistently fought against unfair trade policies, while Portman has been an unabashed champion for job-killing trade deals that have cost Ohio over 300,000 jobs to places like China and Mexico.  

Watch Portman Praising Unfair Trade Deals With China In His Own Words

Columbus Dispatch: Strickland And Portman Have “Polar Opposite” Records On Trade. [Columbus Dispatch,5/20/16]

U.S. Business And Industry Council Official Called Portman A “Dedicated Outsourcer.” [CQ Today, 3/17/05] 

Columbus Dispatch: Portman “Has Never Met A Free Trade Agreement He Didn’t Like.” [Columbus Dispatch,7/11/10] 

Cleveland Plain Dealer Editorial: Portman Is A “Free Trade Disciple.” [Cleveland Plain DealerEditorial, 3/18/05]

CATO Institute: “Portman has a pro-trade record that is ripe for criticism.”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 5/27/16]

Cincinnati Enquirer: Portman Has “Been A Consistent Champion Of Free Trade” Despite The Fact That Ohio “Has Seen Thousands Of Jobs Move Overseas.” [Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/18/05]

AP: Portman “Has Been A Strong Advocate Of Free Trade Even Though He Comes From A State That Has Been Hit Hard By Job Losses.” [Associated Press,3/17/05]

ABC Columbus: Portman Praised NAFTA Saying It Will Create Jobs” and “NAFTA Represents Hope, Opportunity Economic Growth And We Need It.” [ABC 6 Columbus, 8/8/16]

Youngstown Vindicator: Portman Refused To Even Read The TPP Before Voting To Fast-Track It. [Youngstown Vindicator, 8/3/15; H.R. 2146, Vote 219, 6/24/15]

Columbus Dispatch: Portman Called Himself The “Quarterback” To Pass CAFTA. [Columbus Dispatch, 7/06/16]

Portman Said Legislation To Crack Down on Chinese Currency Manipulation Was “Counter-Productive.” [World Trade Review,1/15/05]

Politico: As U.S. Trade Representative, “Portman Urged The President Not To Impose Restrictions On Cheap Chinese Steel Imports, Causing A Drop In Sales And Job Losses For The U.S. Steel Industry.” [Politico,7/24/12]

PolitiFact: Under Portman, Trade Deficit With China Increased By 21 Percent. [PolitiFact, 9/9/10]

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