As Olympics Begin, Strickland Campaign Re-Launches “The Portman Triple-Aerial-Flip-Flop” Digital Ad

COLUMBUS, OH -- As the Olympics begin, today the Ted Strickland for Senate Campaign is re-launching its gymnastics themed digital ad on Portman’s record of supporting job-killing trade deals: “The Portman Triple-Aerial-Flip-Flop.”  

The spot highlights Portman’s disingenuous election-year claim that he opposes unfair trade deals --  after spending decades in Washington voting for and championing bad trade agreements that have cost Ohio over 300,000 jobs to places like China. The ad will reach targeted voters in Ohio over the course of the Olympics as part of the Strickland Campaign’s ongoing six-figure paid media campaign which features a mix of search, social and digital pre-roll advertising.   

From David Bergstein, Strickland Campaign Spokesman: “This is the perfect time to remind Ohioans that Senator Portman has tried to flip and flop on his trade record more times than an Olympic gymnast -- but he can’t escape his decade-long, unabashed support for unfair trade deals that have cost Ohio over 300,000 jobs to places like China. No matter what he says in an election year, the truth is that Portman is the ultimate Washington insider, a dedicated outsourcer of American jobs, and he’s the best senator China’s ever had.” 

The Portman Triple-Aerial-Flip-Flop


On trade, the Columbus Dispatch wrote that “the voting records of Strickland and Portman are polar opposites.” Portman has been called a “Dedicated Outsourcer;” supported eight unfair trade deals; voted to grant China Permanent Most Favored Nation Status; described himself as CAFTA’s “quarterback;” refused to crack down on unfair Chinese steel imports as United States Trade Representative; and called efforts to stop Chinese currency manipulation “counter-productive.” The Strickland campaign has also released two digital ads on Portman’s trade record: “Shameless” and “Trump Said It.” Additional information about Portman’s record is available 


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