As College Begins, Strickland for Senate Launches New Digital Ad: ‘Students’

COLUMBUS, OH –– Today, as students across Ohio return to college, the Ted Strickland for Senate campaign is launching a new digital ad: “Students.”

The spot features Ohio students speaking about the contrast between Ted Strickland and Senator Portman on the issue of college affordability. The first in his family to graduate from college, Ted is fighting so that more Ohio students can get the kind of education that changed his own life. As governor, Ted froze tuition, offered free college tuition to veterans, and under his watch Ohio had the lowest rate of tuition growth in the nation. And in the Senate, Ted will fight to make higher education debt-free, let students refinance their loans at a more affordable rate, and protect programs like Pell Grants and the Perkins Loan program. 

In contrast, Senator Portman is pushing the agenda of the rich and the powerful at the expense of students and working families –– voting for the largest cut to Pell Grants in history, opposing letting students refinance their loans, and proposing eliminating the Perkins Loan program.

The ad will reach students in Ohio as part of the Strickland campaign’s ongoing six-figure paid media campaign which features a mix of search, social display and digital pre-roll advertising.  




  • Portman voted for the largest Pell Grant cut in the program’s history. [Vote 77, 5/25/11; Huffington Post, Mark Kantrowitz Op-Ed, 5/25/11]

  • Portman voted against legislation allowing students to refinance their federal student loans to get a more affordable rate. [CQ, 6/11/14; S. 2432, Vote 185, 6/11/14; U.S. Department of Education, 2014] 

  • As OMB Director, Portman proposed eliminating the Perkins Loan program. [Office Of Management and Budget, February 2007]

  • Portman voted against an amendment increasing funding for the Perkins Loan program by $93 million. [CQ, 7/11/96; H.R. 3755, Vote 303, 7/11/96]


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