Another Spineless, Simultaneous Endorsement and Condemnation of Trump from Portman

In response to breaking news that Senator Portman is continuing to endorse Trump’s campaign despite the controversy surrounding Trump’s offensive statements about Judge Curiel, Strickland Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein issued the following statement. Portman’s most recent comments regarding Judge Curiel and Trump follow this statement from Ted Strickland released earlier today. 

From David Bergstein, Strickland Campaign Spokesman: 

“Another spineless, simultaneous endorsement and condemnation of Trump from Senator Portman – this kind of D.C. double-speak represents exactly what Ohioans hate about Washington insiders. First Portman tried to dismiss Trump’s abhorrent comments as a ‘distraction,’ but now that his campaign has been engulfed in a firestorm of controversy Portman is flailing and backpedaling. Each day brings fresh evidence that Portman is the kind of D.C. politician who will say anything to help himself – and why Trump has turned Portman’s campaign into a living nightmare.” 

Previous Statement From Ted Strickland:

“We are in a time when every American, and especially our elected leaders, must stand together to forcefully oppose attacks that threaten the very foundation of our country’s values. Unfortunately, Senator Portman has met this challenge with the same sort of weak and self-centered Washington politics that have defined his career. In a true display of D.C. double-talk, Portman dismisses Trump’s abhorrent remarks as merely a ‘distraction’ but continues to endorse his campaign for President. Meanwhile, Portman is refusing to do his job by considering the current Supreme Court nominee, potentially paving the way for Trump to re-shape the Court for generations — a position that holds even more disturbing implications given Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel. Portman’s failure of courage represents exactly what Ohioans don’t like about Washington insiders who put their own political interests ahead of the principles that form the bedrock of our nation.”


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