Ahead of Senate Debate, Strickland Campaign Releases Digital Ad: ‘Rob’s Bad Trade Deals’

COLUMBUS, OH -- Ahead of today’s Senate debate in Youngstown, the Ted Strickland for Senate campaign is releasing a new digital advertisement: “Rob’s Bad Trade Deals.”

The spot features  testimonials from Ohio workers highlighting how Senator Portman’s decades-long, unabashed record of championing unfair trade deals has devastated Ohio’s economy and hurt working families.

Rob’s Bad Trade Deals


On trade, the Columbus Dispatch wrote that “the voting records of Strickland and Portman are polar opposites.” And during this campaign: the Columbus Dispatch highlighted video footage of Senator Portman describing himself as the “quarterback” for the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA); ABC Columbus revealed video footage of Senator Portman stating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) “represents hope, opportunity and economic growth and we need it;” and the Youngstown Vindicator reported that Senator Portman failed to read the Trans-Pacific-Partnership (TPP) trade agreement before voting to fast track it. 

Portman has also been called a “Dedicated Outsourcer;” supported eight unfair trade deals; voted to grant China Permanent Most Favored Nation Status; refused to crack down on unfair Chinese steel imports as United States Trade Representative; and called efforts to stop Chinese currency manipulation “counter-productive.”

The ad will reach targeted voters in Ohio as part of the Strickland campaign’s ongoing six-figure paid online media campaign which features a mix of search, social and digital pre-roll advertising.   


WORKER #1: Well, due to bad trade agreements, after 27 years I’m losing my job. That company had been in my town since 1878.

WORKER #2: Rob Portman has been for NAFTA, for CAFTA, for all these bad trade deals that are killing the middle class now, killing manufacturing jobs.

WORKER #3: Rob Portman works for China. He’s the best senator China ever had. He’s the best senator Wall Street ever had. Ted Strickland will be the best Senator I ever had.


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