Ahead of RNC, Strickland Campaign Launches PortmanALLinForTrump.com

COLUMBUS, OH -- Ahead of the start of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, today the Ted Strickland for Senate Campaign is launching a new website page: www.PortmanALLinForTrump.com

“The Republican National Convention next week is going to shine a bright spotlight on one simple fact: Senator Portman is ‘all in’ for Donald Trump,” said Strickland Campaign Spokesman David Bergstein. “Unlike Republican Governor Kasich, Portman lacks the courage to stand up to Trump because they both share the same agenda -- pushing the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of Ohio’s working families. And while Portman is sneaking through alleys in D.C. to avoid answering questions about Trump, during the RNC in Cleveland there will be no rock Portman can hide under to escape his Party’s toxic and divisive nominee.”

The site will serve as a digital hub for Ohioans and members of the press to stay up to speed with the Strickland Campaign and Ohio Democratic Party’s activities during the week of the Republican Convention, and will be updated with multiple announcements each day of the Convention week highlighting Portman’s support for Trump and Democrats’ on the ground activities in Cleveland. The site also features a survey where Ohioans can offer their opinions on topics such as how Portman will attempt to hide from Trump during the RNC and the most offensive statement Trump has made. 

This week ahead of the RNC, the Strickland campaign released a new digital advertisement – “Portman Has Really Been Good To Me” – highlighting Trump’s gushing praise for Portman and Portman’s endorsement of Trump, in contrast to Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich who has refused to support Trump’s campaign. On Thursday, Strickland also joined former Democratic National Committee Chairman and Governor Howard Dean in Columbus to highlight the contrast between Portman and Kasich on Trump.

Following Trump’s last rally in Ohio, the Washington Post wrote “It's safe to say getting a shout-out from Trump has not been on Portman's reelection to-do list. ”Roll CallThe Columbus DispatchCleveland.com, and CBS-Columbus ’Face The State' all highlighted how Portman recently snuck through an alley in D.C. after meeting with Trump to avoid answering questions from the press.


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