Ahead of Cleveland Debate, Strickland Campaign Releases New Digital Ad: ‘Action Now’

COLUMBUS, OH -- Ahead of tonight’s debate in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race in Cleveland, the Ted Strickland for Senate campaign is releasing its second advertisement on the issue of gun safety legislation: “Action Now.” 

The spot features Strickland discussing the difference between himself and Senator Portman on the issue of gun safety legislation: while Strickland supports commonsense measures to make Americans safer like comprehensive background checks and stopping suspected terrorists from buying guns, Senator Portman has repeatedly voted against both of these proposals –– and this cycle the gun lobby has spent more money supporting Senator Portman than on all other congressional candidates combined.

Previously, the Strickland campaign released an ad featuring a testimonial from an Ohio veteran –– “Homeland Security” -- highlighting the contrast between Strickland and Senator Portman on gun safety legislation. 

Strickland has outlined his support for commonsense gun safety measures in this Medium post, “A Commonsense Way to Make Americans Safer,” has earned the endorsement of Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s gun safety organization Americans For Responsible Solutions, and recently joined U.S. Senator Chris Murphy and concerned Ohioans to hold roundtable discussions on the importance of keeping Ohioans safe by passage gun safety legislation. 



The spots will reach targeted voters in the Cleveland and Columbus media markets through digital channels.


Strickland: Where I grew up, guns and hunting are a way of life. 

Strickland: But watching the gun violence, the mass shootings, the families torn apart. We need action now. 

Strickland: Rob Portman’s voted against background checks on all gun sales. He’s wrong. And Portman even voted to allow suspected terrorists on the ‘No Fly List’ to buy guns. That’s dangerous. 

Strickland: So if you are sick of excuses on gun violence, let’s do something about it.


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