10 Things Bigger Than Portman's Field Campaign

A new report from CBS reveals that Senator Portman’s much discussed and often touted field operation employs a grand total of….10 staffers:

That’s right: Senator Portman’s entire paid field staff could fit into a single school bus (or into Portman’s RV).

In honor of this new revelation, here are 10 things that are bigger than Senator Portman’s paid field campaign: 

  1. A bag of M&Ms (there are approximately 210 candies in each bag of M&Ms according to Mars Incorporated).

  1. The smallest town in Ohio (there were approximately 36 people in the town of Redville Ohio, according to the Columbus Dispatch).

  1. The number of jobs Ohio has lost to China since Portman voted to grant them Permanent Most Favored Nation Trading Status (Ohio has lost approximately 106,000 jobs to China since Portman’s vote).

  1. A carton of eggs (there are usually 12 eggs in a carton of eggs).

  1. The deficit in Portman’s Budget as Office of Management and Budget Director (Portman’s budget as OMB Director exploded the deficit by $459 billion).

  1. The number of inches in a foot (there are 12 inches in a foot). 

  1. The minimum wage that Senator Portman voted against setting (Senator Portman opposed raising the minimum wage to $10.10).

  1. The number of players the Cleveland Browns have on the field at one time (there are 11 players on the field at one time).

  1. The number of billiard balls in a game of pool (there are 16 billiard balls in a standard set).  

  1. The ODP-Clinton-Strickland Coordinated Field campaign!



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